Custom Springs in Oklahoma

When you need custom spring engineering, design and manufacturing services in Oklahoma, call on the experts at Custom Spring Manufacturing. Serving customers in the oil, gas and energy sectors, we provide comprehensive custom production services for springs, metal formed components, wireforms and more.

We are well-known in the industry for our exceptional customer service and reliable, high quality products.

Our experienced team can assist you in the specification of appropriate metal alloy materials and production processes designed to provide the durable solutions you need.

Your Oklahoma Custom Spring Experts

We understand that, in your industry, any component failure can literally lead to disaster and devastating economic losses. To ensure that we provide only the strongest heat-tolerant and corrosion-resistant products, we strive constantly to update our processes and adopt cutting-edge technology.

We emphasize quality, durability and precision and, because time is money for your business, we are committed to on-time delivery – every time.

We are experts in the engineering, design and fabrication of custom springs and metal formed components, but we also provide machine parts and assemblage for safety valves, pumps and other industry-specific components.

Our Custom Spring Processes & Material Options

To emphasize our commitment to exacting standards and quality workmanship, we utilize the industry’s best high tensile-strength metal alloys and other corrosion-resistant materials. Some of the most common material types we use in our processes include Inconel X-750, Hastelloy C-276, Elgiloy, music wire, MP35N, 17-7 and 300 series stainless steel.

To reduce stress and enhance strength and durability, we use heat treatment and orbital welding, as well as passivation for enhanced corrosion resistance. In addition to our in-house processes, we can also provide shot peen, NDE, coatings and other outside services.

You also have multiple options for material forms, depending on the nature of your project and component needs. These include flat stock, wire, sheet, tubing, square and bar forms.

Custom Spring Engineering in Oklahoma

Although many customers bring us their existing spring designs for custom fabrication, we have full design and engineering capacity in-house.

We are problem-solvers here at Custom Spring Manufacturing. Bring us your challenges, no matter how large or how small, and we will recommend the most effective solution.

We design, engineer and manufacture all types of springs, including compression springs, equalizer springs, conical springs, nitrogen coils and torsion springs. We can also assist you with flowline components and well as machine parts for pumps, values and virtually any other assemblage needs you may have.

With decades of combined experience and a state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility, you can trust our team to provide the solutions you need. For custom springs in Oklahoma, as well as spring engineering, tubing and other custom metal machine parts, call on the Custom Spring Manufacturing team today.