Our Custom Spring Manufacturing Processes

Here at Custom Spring Manufacturing, the secret to our long-term success lies in our manufacturing processes. Our commitment to putting quality first is paramount, because our energy, oil and gas industry clients use our products under the harshest imaginable conditions. Failure is not an option, as the loss of a single spring or another component could result in substantial financial losses.

Our experienced fabricators use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our products are reliable in the most critical and demanding applications.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment refers to a process used to prepare materials for precision spring fabrication. This process relieves stress from the metal, which allows it to hold its shape once the spring is formed. The temperature to which the metal must be heated – and the duration for which it must be held at that temperature – varies depending on the material being used. The material is then cooled using a highly controlled process and cooling rate, to ensure that no new residual stress occurs.


The passivation process takes place once a spring has been formed, to remove iron contaminants and improve corrosion resistance. After thoroughly cleaning and rinsing the spring to remove residual debris and grease leftover from the manufacturing processes, the spring is immersed in a bath of passivating acid and then rinsed and dried. Our team then uses a special testing process to ensure that the passivation process was completed correctly.

Orbital Welding

In the orbital welding process, computer-assisted equipment moves the welding arc, rotating it in an orbit around the item being worked on (which remains static). This process provides an exceptionally strong bond that could not otherwise be achieved with traditional (manual) welding techniques and equipment.

This process delivers the highest possible level of precision – and leaves nothing to chance – as our technicians pre-load all the welding specifications into specialized software before beginning the work. Orbital welding is particularly effective for working with high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal alloys that are designed to function under high temperatures.

Other Processes Available

We also have the ability to utilize outside processes as a part of our fabrication and delivery. This includes various types of coatings, NDE and shot peen. 

Our processes and equipment encompass the industry’s most advanced technology, ensuring strict tolerance, exceptional precision and unfailing quality. In fact, our quality control protocols allow us to produce reliable products with the high level of accuracy we are known for in the industry.

When you require the highly personalized capabilities of the most experienced custom spring manufacturer in the United States, call on us. We can assist you through every phase of the spring design, engineering and custom fabrication process. For custom springs in Oklahoma, Louisiana or anywhere else in the U.S., contact us today for more information.