Custom Spring Products

Custom Spring Manufacturing provides manufacturing and fabrication of multiple types of precision springs. We serve customers in the energy, oil and gas industries, and specialize in small, highly customized runs and prototypes.

The specific types of custom springs we manufacture include torsion springs, compression springs, conical, equalizer, nitrogen and flowline springs.

Torsion Springs

These components exert rotational force, known as torque, with the arms (ends) rotating around a central axis – typically some type of rod.

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Compression Springs

One of the most common designs, custom compression springs can store energy in a push configuration or resist applied forces of compression.

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Equalizer springs are a specialty here at Custom Spring, and we can help you with virtually any custom design and fabrication project.

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Conical Springs

Conical springs are a specific type of compression spring that can achieve similar results to solid height compression spring while requiring less space.

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Nitrogen Coil

Coiled tubing can also be used with nitrogen in a variety of other applications, including cleanouts, jetting operations, well displacement and more.

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Wire Forms

We have the ability to produce custom wireforms from bar or wire materials in shapes that include rolled round, rectangular and fattened round.

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Flowline technology is now the preferred approach in the oil and gas industry.

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Extension Springs

Extension springs are springs which absorb and store energy by offering resistance to a pulling force.

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Custom Springs

Custom Springs are designed considering various constraints like physical dimension, operating temperature, cycle life requirements, special end conditions and much more.

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Bow & Cantilever Spring

A bow spring is commonly manufactured from flat bar or strip.

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Even if you don’t see the products you need listed here, contact us today. We specialize in truly custom production and prototype for customers in the oil, gas and energy industries. We look forward to helping you with your custom spring, valves, pump, assemblance and machine parts needs in Oklahoma, Louisiana and throughout the United States.

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