Custom Spring Design

At Custom Spring Manufacturing, our services go far beyond the fabrication process. We can also assist you with the design and engineering of industrial springs and other assemblance and machine parts, including safety valves and pumps.

Our ability to offer our customers comprehensive in-house design, engineering and manufacturing sets us apart in our industry.

We are dedicated to making the process as simple and cost-effective as possible while delivering the precision and high-quality solutions we have become known for.

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The Custom Spring Engineering Process

We work closely with our customers to understand their custom spring and machine parts needs. We take the time to discuss the specifications of your component or system in detail, allowing us to identify the best possible solution.

We can then recommend the appropriate material, production process, stress relief or hardening technique and finish for your components.

Once we determine the exact specifications, we can move to the fabrication and production process, using our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Precision Custom Spring Engineering & Fabrication

Every aspect of our processes is designed to emphasize quality and precision. Whether you require assistance with custom springs, wireforms or any other custom metal component, our team has the engineering experience to provide responsive, real-word solutions.

We have built our business on our commitment to deliver exceptional quality, defect-free products on schedule. We maintain an equally serious commitment to durability and reliability. We understand precisely how much even a single failed component can cost in time and production.

We take our commitments seriously and we work continuously to improve our processes, our outcomes and our service to our customers.

Spring Engineering Designed to Solve Problems

Our loyal customer base returns to us again and again, because each one understands how well-equipped we are to solve their unique problems and challenges.

Our highly experienced team has the innate ability to identify and quantify any challenge and, in response, engineer springs or other machine parts that provide an ideal solution. The depth of insight we provide is invaluable but, even more important, we provide unwavering attention to detail and precise tolerances.

We can assist you with design and engineering for torsion springs, compression springs, nitrogen coils, equalizer springs, conical springs, flowline components, wireforms and more.

Our in-house processes include heat treatment, passivation and orbital welding. We offer a variety of metal alloy materials, including Inconel X-750, Hastelloy C-276, Elgiloy and a comprehensive range of other options.

If you have a need for custom springs, machine components or any other precision metal product, contact Custom Spring Manufacturers today for more information on our fabricated custom & compression spring design. We can answer your questions, provide the information you need and assist you with any spring engineering, design and fabrication project you may have.

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