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When applications must handle immense pressure and tension, metal springs are likely to get the job done. Sometimes bare springs just won’t cut it, though. When you require improved performance, aesthetic appeal, or both, plated and coated springs may be the optimal solution.

Enhance your product or process with plated and coated springs manufactured to your specifications by Custom Spring Manufacturing. With in-house coating and plating capabilities, we can seamlessly produce springs with unique surface finishes that boost functionality, look, and longevity.

Types Of Plated And Coated Springs

In some instances, springs must operate in corrosive environments or look their best to compliment a top-level assembly. No matter which one of these is your goal, some form of surface protection is needed.

The best surface finish will depend on the spring type, actions performed and intended operating environment, but the most common are electroplating and powder coating. While both involve applying a thin, specially formulated coated layer atop the spring substrate material, each has unique benefits.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating, or electrodeposition, dissolves and deposits material onto a substrate surface using an electric current. The thin, even layer of metal added is primarily used to enhance a workpiece’s look and physical properties.

While electroplating springs, an anode and cathode are placed in an electrolytic solution of one or more metal salts that facilitate electricity flow. When connected, the power supply delivers a direct current to the anode. This oxidizes the metal, allowing metal atoms to dissolve in the electrolyte solution as positive ions. The current then causes the metal ions to move to the negatively charged substrate, where they are deposited as a thin layer.

The Electroplating Advantage

Electroplating springs provide a versatile, effective, and affordable way to enhance the spring’s functionality. Exact performance characteristics vary by deposition material, but here are the many benefits of the process.

Protective Barrier
Electroplating springs creates a barrier, protecting the substrate from conditions like moisture, harsh chemicals, and abrasion. As a result, electroplated springs last longer in extreme conditions, which reduces replacement frequency.

Enhanced Appearance
Adding a thin layer of precious metal to the surface of a metal spring creates a lustrous, attractive look. Plating spring steel is a great way to obtain a striking look without the higher costs of using exotic materials.

Electrical Conductivity
Electroplating springs with silver or copper enhances electrical conductivity. It’s an efficient solution for improving part performance when used in electronics or electrical applications.

Heat Resistance
Several metals, including gold and zinc-nickel, are resistant to high temperatures. Adding them to the surface of springs strengthens their ability to resist heat damage. Consequently, parts may perform longer in more stressful or extreme temperature environments.

Elevated Hardness
Electroplating springs can boost the strength and durability of substrate materials. This makes the springs less susceptible to damage from stress or rough use, reducing replacement frequency.

Greater Thickness
The thickness of parts increases with electroplating. The fuller the coated material, the greater the durability and resistance to wear and tear.

What is Powder Coating?

electroplated and powder coated custom springs
Powder coating is a finishing process where a dry coating material is applied to a spring’s surface. The powder coat is comprised of finely ground particles of resin and pigment for color, along with other additives to support functions such as moisture resistance, abrasion or impact toughness, gloss, and hardness.

For application, the powder coating formulation is delivered using a spray gun. It has a tip fitted with an electrode, which provides an electrostatic charge to the powder passing through to the workpiece. The charged powder particles are attracted to a grounded part, in this case, a spring, and held in place by electrostatic attraction. They’re then melted and fused into a uniform coating in a curing oven.

Benefits Of Powder Coating

Powder coating is an affordable way to boost metal spring durability and performance. With numerous finishes and colors available, it’s also perfect for creating an attractive appearance for applications where aesthetics are critical.

Powder coating is an excellent way to boost metal spring resilience. The powders form chemical bonds and create a tough yet flexible surface finish when cured. Powder-coated parts have improved resistance to corrosion, flaking, scratching, and abrasion. With some powder formulations, resistance to corrosive chemicals and ultraviolet light can also improve.

Since electromagnetic energy is used to apply powder to the springs, there’s almost no waste. As much or little powder as necessary can be applied in one application. Rather than needing to dry between coats, everything is done at once. This saves money and time, benefits that Custom Spring Manufacturing happily passes onto our clients.

Along with the cost savings from eliminating extra steps, powder coating is cost-effective in a few other ways. The powder materials used are bought per specification or purchase order requirements and take up less space when stored.

Environmental Support
Since powders are applied using an electrostatic charge and cured in an oven, no harsh chemicals or solvents are required to make them stick to the substrate spring material. The dry powder goes straight to the metal when sprayed, and any disbursed in the air are easy to clean up. As a result, there is minimal environmental impact. This makes powder coating suitable for those moving toward or aiming to highlight sustainable practices.

Your Plated And Coated Spring Source

Custom Spring Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015-certified fabricator of metal springs for commercial and industrial applications. Our area of expertise is the turnkey production of many electroplated and powder-coated springs.

We specialize in fabricating springs using your print, specification, or purchase order requirements. Those with an idea but no fully realized design are welcome, too. Our experts help prototype, test, and prove your concept. After validation, we begin full-scale production, including powder coating and electroplating.

Plated and coated metal springs support applications across a range of industries. Examples include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Marine
  • Solar & Wind
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Valve
  • Military
  • Agriculture


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For plated and coated springs that fit, form, and function as intended, turn to the experts at Custom Spring Manufacturing. Whatever your requirements, our team will work with you to deliver finished springs that meet your goals. We can also provide engineering support and guidance on optimum dimensions, material selection, and surface finish type.

Contact us to learn more about coated and plated metal springs. Our team is happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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